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Posted on June 6, 2023 by popcaan

Popcaan - El Gringo Mp3 Download — Popular and Talented superstar, comes out shining with a model new single titled “El Gringo“. The song is available on all streaming platforms. It is no doubt that the music is a very addictive jam, update your playlist with El Gringo Song and enjoy.

The new single “El Gringo” by popcaan, the Naija sensation, is accessible now!

Download El Gringo - popcaan Mp3

The new single “Popcaan - El Gringo” is an impressive song committed to the fans and lovers of the audio. It is a nice cruise song for your leisure and listening pleasure.

This sensational hit song received it’s external help from a few prominent singers and songwriters.

The delightful new song “Popcaan - El Gringo” is a follow-up to his recent smash song and is an awesome music that you wouldn’t want to skip at all.

This impressive vibe will certainly get you entangled in no time at all.

Meanwhile, the great new melody is an awesome song that will certainly be worth a place on your playlist if you are a lover of good audio.

Song Information

Name: El Gringo
Category: Naija
Artist: popcaan
Album: El Gringo
Release Year: 2021
Duration: 4:06
Size: 5.63 MB
Source: YouTube

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The song "El Gringo" is a loveable song that was well written and composed. The El Gringo by popcaan is an awesome song that you can't pay for to skip.

Furthermore, the impressive single features Award-winning audio star, popcaan who delivered an amazing verse.

In conclusion, the song "El Gringo" was produced by talented audio producer, popcaan.

Listed here is an historical song titled El Gringo. Since its final drop the song has massive downloads. Update fans talk about this song like it was yesterday it was dropped.

More people have been downloading this song at large. Whenever Popcaan - El Gringo music plays, people are inclined to dance at large. People willingly download this hit song. Believe me this song will replace that favourite in you device. Popcaan - El Gringo is a banger download it right now.

The popular and compelling observe “El Gringo” was put with each other by popcaan, and over time has become fans’ favorite and is always on their lips with captivating dance moves.

He brings in popcaan who lend their voice and creativity to supply an intriguing masterpiece.

Popcaan - El Gringo Lyric

(Yow Saint Thomas) Woyoy
(Dem a dead bwoy) Yow Jelly Badz
Yow Dane Ray, 1-Law (dem a dead bwoy)
Mountain View, Grants Pen
Atto (weh, chubble)
A fully auto (weh!)
Ina pussy face weh di bullet dem gwan go
Dem know man a El Chapo, man a real El Gringo
Shub 'e Uzi thru di window

Burst him head, dead him dead
When mi go fi bwoy, dem cyaa' get weh
Bwoy, him a dead bwoy
'Bout him a general
Give him a funeral
Rapid 'e K and mek him blood run out like mineral
Yuh know we crazy
Him a dead bwoy

Yeah, bullet a sing like Luther Vandross
Dem a pussy like weh deh ina dem gyal draws
Wi cеlebrate him friend duppy wid a one floss (wah)
90's an' Unruly a some mad dawgs
Mi have some bomboclaat dawg a Trinidad weh fully mad (yeh)
Pussy haffi dead all if mi send dem pon a cab (woah)
All when yuh house pretty, a yuh duppy wi a rob (chubble)
'Matic dem so pretty, dem nuh jam and dem nuh grab

Dela di dawgs dem hungry, send dem a Dovecot Sunday
Who don't dead haffi run weh
Elbow di dawg dem hungry, a weh mi bloodclaat gun deh?
As long as road deh-deh man a guh deh
YG, man a gorilla, yuh dead when time wi curell yah
People a fling your dead body like guerilla
Eagle weh grey, mi call dah one yah Capella
40 ball spin yuh fucking head like propeller (weh)

Burst him head, dead him dead
When mi go fi bwoy, dem cyaa' get weh
Bwoy, him a dead bwoy
'Bout him a general
Give him a funeral
Rapid 'e K and mek him blood run out like mineral
Yuh know we crazy
Dem a dead bwoy
Bad drugs (chubble)

Tun dem ina cars fast-fast
Bwoy head coulda tougher dan a cork and tar
Don't tell mi fi cool, yuh know a dawk man dawk
Mi have Springfield weh blonde like ZJ Sparks
Weh mi do?
Ketch 'e pussy dem a braff and laugh
40 ball ina face, anuh bone or dog
Poppa Skull push the badness like a ole hand cart
Law Boss done tell dem seh a Rolling Calf (weh)

Badman send dem a funeral home
Father Bash know mi wi' kill dem alone
Flatbush full a power like Karl Malone
Whole day, whole night every killy a roam
Shallow grave wi a gi' dem, nuh coffin, nuh wreath
Tun on di Draco, put it pon repeat
Redman guh murder bout 10 a dem
Clip dem wrap up like Nanny head
Junglist guh murder bwoy anyweh
Dem not even safe a di cemetery

Burst him head, dead him dead
When mi go fi bwoy, dem cyaa' get weh
Bwoy, him a dead bwoy
'Bout him a general
Give him a funeral
Rapid 'e K and mek him blood run out like mineral
Yuh know we crazy
Dem a dead bwoy

Mi nuh care a who fah badness dem a use
Pussy dem run guh start di war and now a dem a lose
Yuh know mi socks them full a shot, mi neva leff mi shoes
Yuh love fi hype yuh dutty self dat's why yuh mek di news
Portmore, everything a connect
Dem know seh mi killas ever ready fi step
MAC-90 mi use and bruk up yuh neck
And mi war budget cyaa' hold ina wallet
Not even police can save dem bat
Right out a him gate him lay dung flat
Him mumma run out see him a cough and gap
Leff dem house bun dung, a gunshot and gas

Woyoy, wicked, wicked
Rukumpeng, rudum
(Dead him dead)
(When mi go fi bwoy, dem cyaa' get weh)
(Bwoy, him a dead bwoy)
('Bout him a general)
(Give him a funeral)
(Dead him dead)
(Dead him dead)
(Dead him dead)

Final Words

This song has already started making huge craze. The song has positive language which appropriate for all age. El Gringo - popcaan is pursuing to stay relevant in the playlist of audio lovers. The artist put in extra effort on this song. Fans are extensively excited with this new rhythm.

Do not wait for someone to perform it for you. Know this song by yourself. Do not permit it pass your ears. Download it on Fakaza today!

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