K.O - OWAMI (feat. Msaki)

Posted on June 4, 2023 by K.O

K.O - OWAMI (feat. Msaki) Mp3 Download — Effectively-identified and Proficient superstar, comes out shining with a product new a single titled “OWAMI (feat. Msaki)“. The audio is obtainable on all streaming platforms. It is no doubt that the music is a actually addictive jam, update your playlist with OWAMI (feat. Msaki) Song and get satisfaction in.

The new single “OWAMI (feat. Msaki)” by K.O, the South African sensation, is obtainable now!

Download OWAMI (feat. Msaki) - K.O Mp3

The new single “K.O - OWAMI (feat. Msaki)” is an exceptional song fully commited to the supporters and supporters of the audio. It is a excellent cruise audio for your leisure and listening pleasure.

This sensational hit audio received it’s external aid from a handful of effectively identified singers and songwriters.

The delightful new audio “K.O - OWAMI (feat. Msaki)” is a stick to-up to his most recent smash audio and is an excellent music that you wouldn’t want to skip at all.

This exceptional vibe will undoubtedly get you entangled in no time at all.

Meanwhile, the outstanding new melody is an excellent audio that will undoubtedly be effectively well worth a location on your playlist if you are a lover of outstanding audio.

Song Information

Name: OWAMI (feat. Msaki)
Category: South African
Artist: K.O
Album: SR3
Release Year: 2022
Duration: 3:14
Size: 4.44 MB
Source: YouTube

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  • You will enter the download page

  • Select the audio quality

  • Then select the download server available on that page

  • Click "Start Download"

  • Wait for a moment

  • Your file will be downloaded immediately

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The music "OWAMI (feat. Msaki)" is a loveable music that was effectively composed and composed. The OWAMI (feat. Msaki) by K.O is an great music that you can not pay for to skip.

In addition, the remarkable one functions Award-profitable audio star, K.O who shipped an remarkable verse.

In conclusion, the music "OWAMI (feat. Msaki)" was made by proficient audio producer, K.O.

Listed here is an historical music titled OWAMI (feat. Msaki). Given that its final drop the music has enormous downloads. Update supporters discuss about this music like it was yesterday it was dropped.

A lot more folks have been downloading this music at huge. Every time K.O - OWAMI (feat. Msaki) track plays, folks are inclined to dance at huge. Folks willingly download this hit music. Feel me this music will substitute that favourite in you unit. K.O - OWAMI (feat. Msaki) is a banger download it right now.

The well-known and powerful observe “OWAMI (feat. Msaki)” was set with each other by K.O, and above time has grow to be fans’ favourite and is often on their lips with charming dance moves.

He provides in K.O who lend their voice and creative imagination to supply an intriguing masterpiece.

K.O - OWAMI (feat. Msaki) Lyric

Done wondering where you've been all my life
Ebumnyameni you've been my light
You know just how to love me
You know just how to love
Abantu bayayaz' ungowami, Wami (Yeah)

Lok' uyimisele, Usuy'bonele ngokwakho
Might even go to hell and back for your love
And it wasn't easy
Nalamachom' akho athi I'ma never grow up
Just let me surrender, Put my hands behind my back for your cuffs
Take a minute, My darling just take a minute
I came a long way, Really proud to say today I'm different
Tunnel vision stay committed, Foroko ne spade, yiPiki
Ng'gund' utshani twice a week, It be a lot of snakes up in it
Yeah right
Damn right, I know there comes a time in every man's life
Yok'hlukana nestrad' and really act right
Sas'nok'ngena kwaMnyamandawo ngama flashlight
Mzukuzuku left right and center, It was bad vibes

Phela namhlanje I izinto yihamba ngoline baby
And I promise ngizakwenzela nomayini baby
The biggest mansions, All the cars
Them Cartiers and Audemars
Iziqi sakho' sigijimisa Inhliziyo baby, On a charge

Done wondering where you've been all my life
Ebumnyameni you've been my light (Ungikhanyisele baby)
You know just how to love me
You know just how to love
Abantu bayayaz' ungowami, Wami (Huh)

Heart racin' and jumpin', I'm always cravin' your lovin
Ng'sendlelen' ebheke kuwe, Well just in case you were wondering
May'phuma straight from espanin', She's puttin' steak in the oven
GPS into my heart, But she found a way through my stomach
And it's crazy assumptions when you're dating in public
All these couples lookin' happy on the Gram
But later on you're realizin' they really wasn't, Bagcwel' uk'claima la estradin'
They just caught up in the likes and what people say in the comments
Okwami ngokwakho and I say that with my chest out
As long as you're my silence when I'm stressed out
Had a lot of exes coming at me with their hands out
Vele that's how we always started beefin' 'Cause to them I'm just a cash cow
I'm glad you overcame the pressures za lempilo, Just wanna be your superhero
You know I got an ego, But I leave it at the door mang' ngena endlini
What you've been searching for, Yeah this is where it's been

Done wondering where you've been all my life (Done)
Ebumnyameni you've been my light (Unkhanyisele baby)
You know just how to love
You know just how to love
Abantu bayayaz' ungowami, Wami (Oh)

Soze ntwana, I'm by your side
I will never compromise it
Lover, We stay shining
God knows, I'm Yours

Final Words

This music has presently started out producing large craze. The music has optimistic language which appropriate for all age. OWAMI (feat. Msaki) - K.O is pursuing to stay pertinent in the playlist of audio fans. The artist set in added energy on this music. Supporters are extensively fired up with this new rhythm.

Do not hold out for a person to perform it for you. Know this music by oneself. Do not permit it go your ears. Download it on Fakaza today!

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